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Cute Homemade Barnyard Cake and Cupcakes

I made this Barnyard cake for my sweet nephew’s 3rd birthday party. He loves tractors and loves to sing “Old McDonald had a Farm”. So my sister and I thought a Barnyard Cake would be a fun idea! I looked online and found a really cute idea, to get the crafting sticks and make a white picket fence as a border for this cake.

Everytime we asked my little nephew what he wanted for his birthday, he would respond, “cupcakes” so I knew I better include cupcakes. I made funfetti cupcakes with homemade butter cream, and Peanut Butter butter cream frosting (recipe off Wilton.com). I topped the cupcakes off with Farm Animals I ordered off Amazon.com. The barn was made out of Krispie Treats and fondant.

The cake was a chocolate cake with Peanut Butter butter cream filling and white icing. This was so much fun putting together and was so worth it all. Because I got the sweetest “Thank You Aunt Sah for making my cake” from my nephew.

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