Coolest Batman Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Batman birthday cake for his 5th birthday. I decided to make a Gotham City skyscraper and then put a Batman toy on top of the cake.

First I baked a half sheet cake, a 9″ square cake and an 8″ square cake. I cut the half sheet cake into equal quarters and then I cut two more pieces of the same size from the smaller cakes. I stacked 3 pieces on top of each other (frosting between the layers) on a very sturdy piece of cardboard.

I stacked them off to one corner of the board so that I could make sidewalks and streets on the rest of the board later. I put dowels down through the fist 3 layers to stabilize the cake. On top of the dowels, I put a piece of cardboard and then the other 3 layers of cake.

Using the scraps from the smaller cakes, I added 2 medium size layers, and finally 2 small layers. I stuck a long dowel down the middle of the cake through all of the layers (I sharpened the dowel and used a hammer to get it through the cardboard in the middle of the cake). I left the top of the dowel sticking out of the cake for Batman to hold on to later.

The cake was entirely chocolate, so my next step was to crumb coat the whole thing. After the crumb coat set up, I frosted the entire cake in a dark gray. I covered the dowel sticking out the top of the cake with fancy foil wrap and then put a red hot on the top to make it look like a blinking red light. I added embellishments to the building with light gray icing. I also frosted some cardboard pieces in light gray for sidewalks in front of the building.

I added streets in front of the sidewalk with black icing. I also used black icing to make windows and doors around the building, filling some windows in with yellow to make it look like lights were on. I used white icing to make it look like Batman had tied a happy birthday banner to the skyscraper. I stuck candle holders into the cardboard sidewalk in front of the building to look like decorative planters.

The address of the building is 5, the age my son was turning. I stuck Batman on top and secured him to the dowel with some tape. The final thing I added was the bat signal, which I made using floral wire wrapped with yellow tissue paper.

All-in-all it was really fun to make and even more fun to see my sweet little boy’s face the fist time he saw it. The dowel supports are a must- there is no way it would’ve stood for long without them.

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  1. This is an awesome all the details and how original..especially the yellow bat signal sign in the sky..congratulations on such a cool cake..great when the guests come up close to look at the little extra details on the cake they would not expect to see..banner and light on in the building etc.great cake and has inspired me! Christine


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