Coolest Batman Birthday Cake Design

My son wanted a 2 tier Batman Birthday Cake Design for his 11th birthday this year. I tried to persuade him to accept a small cake with cupcakes which I’m more familiar and comfortable with making, but he was adamant about wanting a 2 tier cake, so I relented.

I surfed the net to learn how to construct the cakes so that they don’t fall apart. When I finally completed this cake, my son said it was far better then he expected. He said “this is awesome!”

I baked four cakes for this creation. Two 9-inch and two 6-inch cakes so that I get a good height for the cakes. I used buttercream to coat the cakes and in between layers.

First I wrapped the cake board with black fondant. I stuck 3 cake boards together to get a good thickness so that it can support the weight of the cakes.

Next, the two 9-inch cakes were put in place and covered with blue fondant. Then I placed a 6-inch cake board on the 9-inch fondant covered cake and make out the place the 6-inch cake is going to sit. Then I placed a dowel stick into the cake, mark the correct length and take it out. Then I cut 6 dowel sticks to the same length and placed them at regular intervals within the 6-inch circle that I have marked out. (see picture)

Lastly, I placed the two 6-inch cakes on the 6-inch board, covered them with blue fondant and placed the covered cake onto the larger cake. Thus completing the 2 tier construction.

I placed a bead chain around the base of both cakes to cover the joining. On hindsight, I should have used black fondant around the base of the large cake instead of blue ones. Then I cut out shapes of buildings of varying sizes to place around the large cake.

I printed a batman logo from the internet. I cut out the shapes and placed them over rolled fondant, and traced the shapes to create the batman fondant cutouts. Start with the oval yellow shape, then cut the black bat design. Place the bat design over the yellow oval and placed the whole thing onto the side of the smaller cake.

Then, I dusted some lustre dust onto the large cake to create a night effect and placed pearl balls randomly around to the cake to complete the night time look. Finally I placed the batman cake topper at the top of the cake.

I found some “bomb” shaped candles in a party store, and placed 11 of them around the cake. They really looked very cute and completed the look.

This is one of the most challenging cake designs I have tried since I started baking 20 months ago. My oven is small and can only bake one cake at a time. It took me the whole day to bake and decorate this cake.

Homemade  Batman Birthday Cake Design

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  1. The batman and bat mobile are a cake topper set which I bought from amazon. It’s been a few years but you should still check if they are still selling them. Good luck!


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