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Coolest Batman Lego Cake

This Batman Lego cake was pretty easy to make. I used an 8 inch square pan, made 3 marble cakes, then chocolate butter cream filling. I made my own fondant out of marshmallows and water and powdered sugar, dyed half of it blue and the other half I split into green, red, and yellow. I added cocoa powder to a small piece to make it dark, then added black for bat symbol.

I filled and stacked the cakes, then put a thin coat of butter cream on outside. I then covered it with white fondant. I rolled out the other colors of fondant and used a little rectangle cookie cutter to cut out blocks. I let the blocks sit for a few hours to harden, then attached them to the cake with a little water. When I got to the top I realized it wasn’t perfectly flat so I couldn’t put more Lego’s on top and have it look good, so instead I rolled out my blue fondant and covered the top.

I then took a piping tip(#10) and cut out a ton of circles. I used water to attach them to top to make it look like Legos. I made Legos out of fondant by rolling it really thick and using my rectangle cutter, then attaching dots to it. I used letter cutters to cut out ‘happy birthday Dominic’. And I cut the Batman out freehand.

Needless to say, the little boy loved it. I attached his Legos to cake with toothpicks.

Homemade Batman Lego Cake

Homemade Batman Lego Cake

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