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Coolest BC Rich Guitar Cake

This Homemade BC Rich Guitar Cake was a birthday cake I made for my sister’s boyfriend. I did my best to create a replica of his favorite guitar – a BC Rich Warlock. This was my first attempt at making a shaped cake (other than your typical round or square) so I put a lot of thought into the planning. I did not think I’d be able to carve out the headstock of the guitar out of cake so I opted to carve the entire neck and headstock from a rice krispie treat. It worked great!

I tried to attach the rice crispie piece to the cake with buttercream but found it kept moving. I finally put a few dabs of royal icing underneath to stick it to the foil covered cake board. The body of the guitar is entirely made from cake as is the little guitar amp on the side. I used a 14×14″ cake pan.

The guitar was printed on paper to use as a pattern. Once the guitar body was cut out, there was enough cake on the side to make the amplifier. The remaining strip of cake was cut into 3 equal pieces then stacked together with buttercream between the layers. It was a bit challenging to get the icing black and it took a lot of food coloring.

I started with a chocolate buttercream and colored it with Wilton gel icing color. All of the hardware was rolled and cut or molded by hand from gum paste. The silver pieces were sprayed with Chef Master Edible Metallic Spray. I piped the strings by hand with royal icing.

Homemade BC Rich Guitar Cake

Homemade BC Rich Guitar Cake

Homemade BC Rich Guitar Cake

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