Coolest Beach Thongs Birthday Cake

I made this Beach Thongs Birthday Cake for my daughter’s birthday from an idea I had seen in a magazine. I started by baking a 9×13 yellow sheet cake. There was no need to remove the cake from the pan after baking but I let it cool completely before cutting the sandals shapes. I cut them still in the pan using a template I had traced and cut out on a piece of paper from a pair of flip-flops. I still left them in the pan and began by removing the leftover pieces of cake around them, which were then stacked onto the left half of the cardboard cake board unevenly to resemble a beach.

The beach was iced with buttercream icing dyed beige and then sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs. Then it was easy to remove the sandals shapes from the baking pan and only then did I put them on top of the beach. I iced them with pink-dyed buttercream icing and piped the trim and stripes with different designs and colors, using a variety of tips. (You can use whatever colors and designs you want, but my daughter is a pastel girl!) The straps were difficult – I tried some fruit-by-the-foot, and that would have worked, but just not for my colors. I ended up using some sour fruit strips I found in a kiosk of bulk candy at the mall. The rest of the cake board is covered in a water-themed scrapbook paper purchased at a craft store on sale for a quarter and glued down with a glue stick. The letters are paper ones I made on my Cricut cutter at home but you can purchase them at craft stores pre-cut for a few dollars. Gummi fish were added and stuck to the paper with some leftover icing.

This cake was a huge hit, and would be great for any girl of any age!

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