Cool Homemade Bed Cake

It was my friend’s daughter Maya’s birthday and I wanted to do a special cake that is not so common. So I decided on a bed cake.

I made my two cakes. Basic recipe. The one cake was a rectangular one (8 eggs,2 cups margarine, 2 cups castor sugar, 1 cup milk, two tablespoons Vanilla, 4 cups self raising flour, the second was a 4 eggs square cake (half the ingredients for the other cake) and butter cream….lots of it.

I made the head boards from the square cake and the bed itself from the rectangular cake. Through trial and error, I cut out this cake. The trouble was in stabilizing the cake. I used carrot sticks eventually and the cake was stable.

Homemade Bed Cake

Homemade Bed Cake

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  1. Trial and error are how all mine are made. If I can make a suggestion…It looks fabulous, shape and bake a sugar cookie for the headboard and foot board next time….cook it an extra few minutes and it will stabilize just fine with icing :-D from experience. I created a graduation cap and the cookie was the board…it worked beautifully and was still all edible…:-D good luck!


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