Coolest Quilt and Bed Birthday Cake Design

My Mama loves to make homemade quilts. She had a birthday coming up, her 86th birthday. I thought making her a Quilt and Bed Birthday Cake Design would be a fun project for me and a huge surprise for her.

The cake is just a yellow sponge cake covered in cream cheese and buttercream frosting colored with blue food coloring to match the border of the cake. The quilt is made from 5 different colors of vanilla fondant which I cut with a 5/8″ square cookie cutter and then placed on a plain white sheet of vanilla fondant.

The pillows are made from crumbled cake mixed with buttercream frosting and covered with pink vanilla fondant for the pillow cases. The headboard and footboard are made from gingerbread.

The Quilt Cake was a huge success and Mama loved it! It was one of the best surprises I have ever made for her.

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