Coolest Sisters Bed Birthday Cake

Since losing my job I have been trying to supplement my income making cakes for people I know. I taught myself how, looking at books, the internet (video’s) and just a lot of practice. I made this sisters bed birthday cake for my niece’s birthdays. Genevive is the older and is studious and mature. Karen is a pistol, all I hear is how she “never leaves me alone” so that is the premise for the cake.

I made a 12 inch sour cream yellow cake (2 cake mixes with 1/4 cup of sour cream and a teaspoon of vanilla added to the box directions) – not butter recipe. The bed is made out of another mix made the same way but baked in 2 bread pans. After cooling I split the cakes and filled the large one with a layer of custard and raspberry puree (in Wisconsin we call this a Danish Layer Cake).

The bed was a bit more cake than I needed so I split one and used it for the bed (leftovers for the family). The bed was just filled and rough frosted with cream cheese frosting. I also used the same frosting on the large cake. After tinting and kneading my homemade marshmallow fondant I piped the bed skirt along the bottom of the bed, the day before I cut out the bed pieces and bedding.

I read on line to dust the pan of the cake you want to cover with powdered sugar and make the quilt/comforter to size, drape over the pan and the next day you can just remove it and place it on the cake….mmmmm- no, this did not work. So the day of the cake assembly I remade the quilt, rolling the fondant and then placing it on an impression mat. It worked just fine not having it dry.

The little girls I made out of the same fondant. Make a cone shape cut out dress etc. and put on with a water wash to make it stick. The faces were done with eyes- little blue pearl candies and brown eyes, a toothpick dipped in a very small amount of coloring paste. I couldn’t find a paint brush small enough to do the eye lashes/brows so I shredded a toothpick until I had a very thin piece on the end. This worked wonderful! I don’t think I will search for that elusive brush anymore!

Sheets, pillows and bedding were just cut with a ruler and pizza cutter. The books were just a layer of colored paste and a white thicker layer placed on top and wrap the cover over the pages. Trim with a pizza cutter or knife, score the binding and put small scores to look like pages.

I had a lot of fun making this cake and hope you enjoy it as much as the birthday girls!!

Homemade Sisters Bed Birthday Cake

Homemade Sisters Bed Birthday Cake

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