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Coolest Bichon Fries Puppy 16th Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my daughter’s 16th Birthday as we bought her a Bichon Fries puppy and thought it would be a good theme as over the years you run out of ideals as to what to make.

I baked two 10in square sponge and a small pint pudding basin for the head. I used a 14in board and cut and jammed the sponge to shape. I also used two wooden doweling rods which I used to support the head inside as when you make a 3D Cake you need some stability to help it stand up as due to the weight of the icing it will fall apart.

When I had the shape I wanted I covered him in butter icing (the nose ,eyes, ears , tail I added later). Ready to then cover in white icing. I covered the cake over two days with fur like white icing I made with my garlic press. When covered I made his black nose, eyes, ears and a little tail.

For added detail I put a purple snuggle blanket in his mouth, also covered the board with colored sugar (white sugar and colored dust mixed together), a ball and a few small bones.

And there we have it, our Bichon Fries Puppy 16th Birthday Cake. She loved it and so did all her friends and also Buddy the new puppy.

Homemade Bichon Fries Puppy 16th Birthday Cake


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