Coolest Bon Voyage Car Cake

This is a Bon Voyage Car Cake I made for a friend who was moving to a different country. The cake is a moist chocolate cake baked in a rectangular pan (since I didn’t have a pan shaped like a car). To improvise, I merely sliced off the upper corners to create a silhouette of a car with a luggage on the roof.

For icing, I used buttercream frosting which I colored pink, blue-green, light brown and dark brown (browns made by adding chocolate glaze to buttercream). I then used the pink buttercream icing for the car, uncolored buttercream to make the windows and lights; and blue-green buttercream icing to coat the luggage. To make for wheels, I used round chocolate-coated cookies which I outlined with brown buttercream.

To add effect and details, I further outlined the windows, drew a car door and fenders with the remaining dark brown icing using a fine star-shaped piping tip.