My partner Matt loves his avalanche dog Blizzid and I thought a border collie Blizzid cake would be perfect for his 40th birthday party, novelty cakes aren’t just for kids! I googled ‘Border Collie cakes’ and didn’t find much, so here’s one for any border collie enthusiasts out there!

I used a ‘panda/pig/cat’ cake tin (but could have used a plain round tin) and baked a standard chocolate cake in it, and had enough cake mixture to bake a regular round cake as well. First I made a large quantity of buttercream icing and dyed it black with black gel food coloring (from a cake website, not supermarket stuff that doesn’t make it really black). I cut ‘ears’ from the ‘extra’ round cake, used two layers and plastered them together using icing. I covered the entire cake/ears with black icing using a spatula. Royal icing of thick consistency was piped in layers to make the the ‘snout’. I piped the ‘blaze’ from top of head first, down to the snout, peaking the icing to look like dog hair, then piped icing down around throat area. The nose was made using ready-made fondant icing, mixed with black food gel colouring, and carefully shaped (copied a photo so anatomically correct!).

The tongue was made with ready-made icing mixed with pink food colour gel, moulded to shape. Lenses from a broken pair of sunglasses were used to make the ‘doggles’. Tiny piping bags made from greaseproof paper were used to pipe around the lenses, and to pipe white streaks onto the ears (royal icing watered down so slightly runny) and black whiskers/dots (runny royal icing dyed black). He was stoked and it tasted great!