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Coolest Buck Cake

My son was turning 11 and he always wanted a buck cake but I never hand the time. Since I only work 2 days now I figured it was time to make him the cake.

I started by carving the head out of Styrofoam and shaping the antlers out of wire. Then once I had the head I shaped the neck, shoulders and arms out of rice krispy treats. I then made a base for the cake out of Styrofoam. I carved it to the shape of the bottom layer of the deer. It is about 1 1/2 in of the bottom of the cake.

I then baked 2 11in x 15in, 2 12in round, and 1 9in x13in cakes. I carved them to the shape of the deer’s body from the front should back. Once I carved the cakes I filled the cake with butter cream icing and cherry preserves. I covered everything with MMF (marshmallow fondant) and hand painted the entire deer. The only things I will do differently next time is make it smaller and cover the antlers with molding chocolate so that they are more stable.

I really did not mean for it to be as big as it was but since I carved the head first I had to make everything proportional. It was very well liked. Everyone at the party was amazed and they all took pictures. Several posted them on Facebook. My son thought it was the best cake that I have ever made. We have a 85lb Doberman and everyone kept saying the cake was bigger than the dog! LOL!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Buck Cake”

  1. The photo looks great! I am planning on trying to duplicate from your photo. There is no cake in the head – right? How much time did you spend making this cake? Are you a professional baker?

  2. The head is styrofoam and neck is RKT. It took me 3-1/2 days to get it all done. I started by carving the head and forming the antlers, carving the base, making fondant, making RKT and forming the neck. Then I baked the cakes and carved them. The last day I made the icing and put it all together and hand painted the entire deer. I am not a professional baker I do it mainly for my two boys.

  3. What colors did you have to mix to get that brownish color for painting it’s coat? And did you use a mix of food coloring and water?


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