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Coolest Butterfly And Flower Cake

To do the butterfly and flower cake for my daughter’s birthday, I had to buy a butterfly cake mold. So I went on EBay and got a used one for pretty cheap. I used twenty six cupcakes for the flower. I used three yellow cake mixes. I had to mix six different icing colors.

For the flower I used the largest star tip I could find and just drew rows of frosting. For the butterfly I iced the cake as smooth as I could with the pink icing then used a circle tip for the lines of purple. I used the same tip when I did the black for the butterfly’s body.

For the lags of the butterfly I used straigt candles and slowly heated them up over the stove so I could bend them without breaking them. I think that was the hardest part of the whole cake.

My daughter and all her friends loved it. The only bad part was that the black icing coloring stains everything.

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