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Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake Design

For my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, she wanted a purple homemade butterfly birthday cake design (after we talked her out of a pig cake!). Easy, I thought.

I made a chocolate chip cake using four 10″ cake pans. Easy. I drew the shapes for the wings onto cardstock and carved the cake around the templates. Easy. I crumb coated the cake and got ready to mix the colors for the design. Here’s where it got annoying. I could not get a true, bright purple to save my life! What I did get was a grayish-lavender shade that I hoped my daughter would recognize as purple (which she did!).

I know now that I could have purchased a bright purple food coloring gel at the store and made my life a whole lot easier! However, it was 2 in the morning the night before the party and that was not going to happen for this cake. Next time… I will make the brightest purple cake anyone has ever seen! This time, my daughter said it was “beautiful”! Coming from the mouth of a two year old… music to my ears.

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