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Coolest Calico Kitten Cake

I used a small 8 inch round pan for the body, cut in half and put halves together upright. I used two pampered chef prep bowls (each cut in half for the paws. The tail and ears were cut from another small round cake. I used another pampered chef prep bowl for the head and added a small circle piece of cake to the front (face) for a better mouth/nose area.

I used skewers to secured the head and tail and tooth picks to secure the ears. Then I froze the cake for a couple hours, then it was easy to use a knife to shave bits off to make the shape just like I wanted it. I crumb coated the cake and froze it over night. I used vanilla frosting ( some colored with orange and a little brown for the like orangy color) and also milk chocolate frosting for the darker areas.

The nose, tongue and ball of yarn were made from MMF. I like the way this Calico Kitten Cake turned out. I hope the little girl I made it for likes her little kitty.

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