Coolest Homemade Candyland Cake for my Daughter’s 7th Birthday

I made this Candyland cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday because she loves candy! I tried to follow the original game board as close as I could. It was Spring so I couldn’t find candy canes so I used peppermint candy sticks instead.

This cake is about 10 X 16 inches but it was still hard to fit everything on. The colored squares are made of fondant. The castle is made of ice cream cone cupcakes. Grandma Nut’s house is made of peanut brittle and the molasses monster is made of fondant. I ran into some trouble with the castle because the cones kept falling over. I had to carve a hole into the cake for the cones to fit into and that helped.

I got a lot of positive reactions to this cake, especially from my daughter and her friends.