Coolest Candyland Theme Cake

I was having a hard time deciding what to do for my daughter’s 7th birthday party when a friend of mine suggested we do a Candyland Theme. I found all of the birthday plates, cups, etc on really cute by the way.

Anyways I usually buy her cake from like Walmart or the local grocery store bakery but my friend found some awesome pictures online of a Candy Land theme cake. We basically copied off of some pictures but I am so much happier how ours turned out!

First we had Strawberry cake mix, 2 boxes. My friend made the icing from a delicious wedding cake recipe ( can’t tell you its a secret! ) then we added green sprinkles for the grass, starbursts, Reese cups for the chocolate forest, ice cream cones, dots, gum drops, dum dums, candy canes, teddy grams, marshmallows, twizzlers, basically the entire candy store. But the ending result was AMAZING, look for yourself!

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  1. yes.. and my friend is a photographer he took pics of the cake, i am sure he brightened the picture up or photoshopped the colors

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