My 2 year old Grandson wanted a car birthday cake. I made two chocolate cakes from scratch. One 9 x 13 and one 8 x 8 placing the square one on top after cutting off a slant for the windshield. I made butter creme frosting and covered the entire car with a thin layer of white.  I made green food colored frosting for the base after marking out windows which I left white.

I got Oreos for the wheels and Twix bars for the bumpers  (here my husband is running back and forth to the store. GOD Bless him!). Then to the store again for life savers which I put on for head lights and tail lights. I stuck 2 yellow  M&M’s on top of the life savers for the headlights as my life savers were not bright enough. Made some chocolate frosting and out lined the windows with piping. Drew on some windshield wipers and had a nice car for Walter! (Really am lucky my husband didn’t get ticketed for speeding with all the rush trips to the store!)