Coolest Cardiac Cake

After some troubling recent bouts of arrythmia, my Dad, who has an oddball sense of humor, requested a birthday cake that would reflect his recent difficulties (including two hospitalizations, a host of EKGs and catheterizations, and the installation of a pacemaker and defibrillator).

So, for this cardiac cake I made a one-layer white cake using a 12″ Wilton heart-shaped pan, and frosted it with chocolate homemade buttercream. Although I added copious amounts of no-taste red food coloring paste to try and get a true red hue, the best I could get was a sort of nondescript, “undercooked steak” color. I added EKG leads and faux Band-aids made from marshmallow fondant, and rolled the leftover fondant into little balls to make a whimsical border. The EKG wires/writing were done with Wilton gel colors.

The finished cake easily served 8 people (with several pieces left for seconds) and most importantly, Dad was delighted with it. Lord willing, we’ll have many more birthdays to laugh with him over this cake and what it represented!

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