Coolest Cello Birthday Cake

My daughter needed a birthday cake for her boyfriend. He loves to play the Cello. I have been making cakes for family and friends for about 10 years now. I love to make the cute character cakes but I love a challenge to think outside of the box. Even though this is supposed to be a cello it sort of looks like a violin also. But I was proud of it and wanted to share it with you all.

I used two devil food cake mixes and baked them in a half sheet cake pan. I then cut out a form of the body and neck on a sheet of paper and then placed them on the cake after it cooled and cut them out. The neck is a separate piece than the body and I attacked it to the body with icing.

The icing is butter cream and colored with brown icing coloring. All the black pieces are gum paste colored black. I then formed them according to a pattern I made for each piece. The “keys” are actually a key that I used by pressing it into the gum paste and then cut them out. The white “center” is also gum paste. Then in order for it to look like a string instrument I used twine to make the strings stand out.

I am very happy with how this came out and am proud to share it with you guys.

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