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Coolest Fender Stratocaster Cake

I wanted to make a replica of my husband’s Fender Stratocaster Cake for his 50th birthday. I couldn’t find a template anywhere so he helped me by drawing out the basic shape. I wanted the body of the guitar to be about A4 size with the neck in proportion to this. I used a square cake for the body and a loaf tin shaped cake for the neck.

I split the loaf cake horizontally level with the larger cake. I cut out the drawing my husband made and used it as a template to cut the shape of the cake. I used the off cuts for the head of the guitar.

The pieces of cake were all stuck together with butter cream icing and then the whole cake was covered in the same. It was then covered in white fondant icing. This was tricky and it isn’t perfect but the effect is there.

I painted the neck and the head with watered down brown paste colouring. I used small tubes of coloured paste to outline the scratch plate and the strings.

The dials and toggle were modeled from fondant icing. The dials were simply stuck on with water and the toggle was stuck in with a cocktail stick. The machine heads are silver heart shaped cake decorations.

The jack socket was formed by scooping out a little of the cake before icing it. I then gently pushed the icing into the hole and shaped it. I painted the icing with watered down black paste colouring and it just happened to dry to a silver colour. The lead is a piece of fondant coloured with black paste.

I spelled out “Fender” on the neck with a small tube of black paste by copying the writing. I made a makeshift cake board using a flattened cardboard box covered with sparkly paper.

This took an afternoon to decorate but I enjoyed every minute and the cake got some fantastic comments from everyone at the party.

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