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Coolest Fender Guitar Cake

I made 2 very large cakes, and then froze them. Once frozen, I cut the body out, then the neck of the guitar. I then frosted the cake and connected the neck to the body of the guitar. I rolled fondant until it was thin, then placed over body of the guitar, and the same with the neck. After all the fondant was on the cake, I then hand painted the entire guitar with pearl white glimmer. Once I did that, I mixed several colors to make brown to paint the neck. I then painted the fret bars.

I used suture for the guitar strings. I cut out the pick guard with fondant and used gum paste to seal it on there. And finally I painted “Fender” and the birthday message. Total time to make this homemade Fender guitar cake (minus baking the cake) was 4 hours.

My dad is a Huge Hendrix fan and only plays on Fenders, so it was only appropriate that he had a homemade Fender guitar cake for his 50th birthday.

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