Coolest ChapStick Cake

My husband is addicted to chapstick, so I thought this chapstick cake would fit him perfectly. Basically I just used a bread pan for the body, baked two cakes and fit them together. I then carved the top of the tube with a knife to make the indentations.

The red is dyed frosting and all of the white is molded fondant. A pearing knife works great to cut out shapes and lettering. The black frosting came from a squeeze tube of ready made color. The actual chapstick that sticks out of the tube is covered in a sparkle red writing gel pen. The shine of it made it look more realistic.

The lid is only fondant with a cut tube from a paper towel as a base. It was a lot of fun to make this cake and probably the most original one I have done. I hope everyone likes it!!

2 thoughts on “Coolest ChapStick Cake”

  1. My daughters 2nd birthday is coming up and I wanted to do a chap stick cake…..I am SO glad you posted this picture, its AWESOME!!!!!
    Now I know it can be done!

  2. My husband loves Chapsick as well, he’s turning 30 this year I would love to make this for him but I can’t wait. I think I need to make it for him for Valentines day. I really love it. He can’t leave home with out it. I try to buy him a different brand, he wants Chapstick.

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