I made this Cheddar Cheese Frozen Yogurt Hamburger birthday cake for my son’s 22nd birthday. I wanted to try it when I saw a picture of a hamburger cake.

To make the cake I used yellow cake mix and two 9in round cake pans. After the cakes cooled, I cut the crowns off and froze the cakes. I then prepared the ‘hamburger’ by using chocolate frozen yogurt (because my sister is lactose intolerant and I wanted her to be able to eat some cake also). I used a spring form pan and flattened the frozen yogurt in the spring form pan and froze. While the cakes and frozen yogurt were freezing, I prepared the ‘cheddar cheese’ with orange colored fondant, a drop or two of green food coloring for the coconut (lettuce).

To assemble the cake: I took one cake and placed it flat side up, put the frozen yogurt (hamburger) on top, added the fondant (cheddar cheese), sprinkled coconut (lettuce) to make sure it would show on the sides and placed the other cake on top of the coconut. I sprinkled coconut on top of the top cake, (because I didn’t have any sesame seeds).