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Fun Homemade Hamburger Cake

I am submitting my Coolest Hamburger Cake. I recently took some Wilton Cake Decorating classes and wanted to show my co-workers what I have learned, so I started baking monthly birthday cakes and bring them in on the first of each month for all to enjoy! They absolutely love my cakes and can’t wait to see what I bake each month.

For this cake, I took a basic chocolate cake recipe and added imitation rum to the batter. This acts as the “meat” portion of the cake. For the “buns”, I used a basic vanilla cake mix and added imitation coconut to the batter. To get the bun coloring, I make a delicious home-made butter cream frosting, very easy to make, powdered sugar, powdered meringue, and white Crisco shortening with a small amount of water. Delicious and much less sweeter than store bought frosting!

My frosting starts out pure white, and then I add red food coloring to get the ketchup and tomato coloring. I add green food coloring to get the lettuce coloring, and I use a Wilton leaf tip to get the lettuce effect and then I added imitation chocolate flavoring to get the great beige color for the buns.

White sprinkles act as the sesame seeds and to top it off, I just used a Wilton tip to make the “olive” with red pimento! What makes this cake “authentic” looking, I think, is the way the chocolate “meat” cake in the center is irregular on the edges, making it look more like hamburger, rather than too smooth.

My co-workers LOVED it, they all took pictures to send to their friends. I even got an order to make a guitar cake for my friend’s husband’s birthday next month! I hope you love it as much as they did! Thank you.

Homemade Hamburger Cake

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