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Coolest Chicago Bears Emblem Cake

I made this Chicago Bears Emblem cake for a friend’s 12 year old son. I made a 13×9 inch cake. I used Wilton’s Butter cream frosting recipe for all of the frosting.  The day before I baked the cake I found the logo and flipped it horizontally in a word document before printing.  I taped it to a smaller cookie sheet and then taped a piece of waxed paper over top.

This is the process that takes the longest because you have to freeze each layer/color before you do the next one. Start with the outline and then fill in all of the blue or orange, I did the blue first since it was a bigger area. After you ice the final color, freeze it and then use the same color you are icing the cake with and cover the whole top of the work you just did.  Let freeze at least 3 hours or overnight and when your ready to put on the cake, carefully undo the tape on the cookie sheet from the waxed paper and put onto cake. Make sure to press down the transfer into the icing on the cake so it won’t move.  Finish the edges and you’re done!

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