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Coolest Confetti Cake

I was asked to make this homemade confetti cake for my aunt’s b-day. I actually got this idea off the Wilton site. I baked a round cake and frosted in buttercream once cooled. I covered the cake in white fondant. Then I divided the fondant into 5 sections and colored each section a different color. I then rolled out a section at a time and cut small strips….

The Wilton website has the measurements and carefully wrapped the strips around a dowel rod. After about 5 minutes I very carefully slipped off the curls onto wax paper and let dry. I continued with all the colors. Using the leftover pieces, I used a straw to punch out polka dots.

Using a paint brush I placed a drip of water on the dots and placed on the cake. I placed frosting around the bottom of the cake and placed the dried curls in the frosting. I put a blob of frosting on the top and placed the curls in it. The homemade confetti cake is a fun cake to make and could go with any theme just by changing the colors.

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  1. I was just browsing to find and idea for my nephews bday cake. I have curls I made for a different cake that I didn’t use, so I’m going to put them on his cake. Your cake is super cute!

  2. happi bthday to My dearest Sweetheart .. have a great happi day .. n alwaz keep smiling :)….Luv u Muuaaaahhhhhhh….God Bless You!!!!


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