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Cool Homemade Construction Digger Cake

This construction digger cake was requested by my daughter for her second birthday. My wife made two loaf-shaped, hot milk sponge cakes. One was cut in two for the ‘axels’ and the other rested across them for the ‘body’. The wheels were two large and two small ring doughnuts, coated in black icing. The two exhaust pipes were curley candles.

The scoop was the most work. I constructed it out of icing-coated wafer biscuits using water icing as cement. The scoop arms were Chomps (a South African product: chocolate coated wafer bars) held in place with pretzel sticks pushed through the Chomps and into the cake.

The roof was a icing-covered wafer biscuit supported by four chocolate finger biscuits, with an orange fruit gum for a light. The grass was green icing with wildflower sprinkles. Black food colouring for the icing of the tyres was from a specialist food shop.

It took about 6 hours over two nights to assemble and ice.

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Construction Digger Cake”

  1. Awesome, what a wonderful job! I am going to try make one for my baby girl, who my husband calls “Daddy’s Dozer”.

  2. what a fab cake. My son is digger daft & I’m looking for ideas on a cake for him, thank you for the step by step guide, the donut wheel are a great idea. Thank you


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