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Cool Homemade Construction Site Cake

I made this construction site cake for my son’s fourth birthday. We designed it together after I perused many, many pictures of construction site cakes. The trucks and workers were purchased as a set by Wilton.

The base cake was a 9×13 chocolate cake. I cut a small hole out and used that piece and some cupcakes piled up to make a hillside. I iced it all with frosting dyed brown by using 5 drops of red, 6 drops of yellow, and 3 drops of green food coloring(used a little over one batch of frosting just for this part).

We crushed Oreos to use as fill dirt in the hole, fill the dump truck, and scatter down the hillside. The “concrete” is frosting dyed gray by using 2 drops each of red, yellow, blue, and green food coloring. I used yellow frosting to pipe out the lines on the roadway and the borders and lines around the sides of the cake.

Small construction cone candles were added just before serving (ordered from an online birthday supply source). The best part about a cake like this is that construction sites are supposed to be messy, so any artistic flaws are easily hidden!

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  1. My grandsons 2nd birthday is coming up and he LOVES construction trucks. I attempted to locate these in Wilton on line, but have been unable to find them. Could you please give me the numbers to help locate these? Thank you.



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