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Cool Homemade Construction Cake for a 2 Year Old

With some help from family I made these construction cakes for a 2 year old’s birthday party. They are all made from bread pans and I used funfetti cake. Everything about them is edible.

Yes those are donuts with Oreo cookie rims on the loader! The loaders’ shovel is supported by cake in the dump truck. From chocolate bars, to graham crackers and marshmallow cookies, I used almost anything to get this scene working! All the trucks are supported underneath by extra pieces of cake to make it look like they are being held up by tires.

The “dirt” is crushed chocolate cake with spree candy, m&m’s and jelly beans mixed in. I also added a construction trailer in the back. The windows and the number 2 are made of fondant. The trucks are all covered in icing. We used pretzel sticks for the loader and the tow truck.

This scene was a pretty big hit a the party!

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  1. Your cake is breath taking I can’t find anything to do for my son’s first B-day how long did it take you to make it and can you send me some time or what you did so I could do it.

    You have a great mind


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