Coolest Aga Birthday Cake

My sister Rosie is a great cook and a big fan of Aga’s, so it wasn’t too hard to come up with a cake idea!

I started by baking a chocolate cake as a tray bake, and then cutting it into three oblongs and placing them on top of each other to make the basic shape. It’s simple as shapes go! I sandwiched them together with chocolate butter cream and also covered the whole cake with a thin layer of the butter cream so that the fondant icing would stick to it. The fondant icing was white shop bought icing, and also a pack with black and red icing. I dyed the white cream and covered the sides of the cake, leaving the top with no fondant. I then rolled out black icing and used that to cover the top. The Aga doors were simple cream icing oblongs, stuck on with a bit of butter cream.

I got some edible silver sparkle spray from the supermarket and sculpted the kettle, hob covers, rail and baking tray from grey fondant icing and then sprayed them to make them silver, leaving them to dry before attaching to the cake. The AGA sign was cut out from black fondant and then a fine paintbrush was used to paint on the letters with silver – I sprayed a bit onto some baking parchment and then dipped the brush into it.

The other items were simple to make from red and black fondant icing.

A very easy but effective cake!

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