I made this  home from home pot cake for my daughter and her boyfriend. They live in a yurt in the north of France – it’s very cold there but apparently a yurt is an extremely warm environment. They actually cut and carved the wood for the frame, cut out and sewed the canvas, got fleeces from sheep which they carded and washed  before making the felt for insulation, they used recuperated doors and window and , quite frankly , it is absolutely great. I made this cake just to say well done and that I love them both.

The cake is a chocolate / orange cake with a jam crumb coat. I made the fondant and dyed it pink and grey (wanted black but failed as its only my second attempt).  I used real string for the fasteners, royal icing for the windows and the rain shield around the bottom.

As I rarely see them my other daughter took it on a visit and I expect them to be eating it at this very minute – so no verdict available.