Cool Homemade 3D Sitting Cow Cake

When I was asked to make a cow cake for my nephew’s 1st birthday I had a look on the internet until I found a picture of what I was wanting to do.

The body is actually the part which is cake which I used a Dolly Varden tin. The head is a foam ball, the legs are toilet rolls all which I covered in rolled fondant. The arms I made out of rolled fondant until I got the thickness I was wanting. The ears and horn are also made out of fondant which are held in place with skewers.

I used separate pieces of fondant to cover the ends of the arms and legs and also as the black spots over the body and head and then painted the black colouring on to them. I used pink colouring to colour the fondant and make udder, mouth and inside the ears, I then covered the board with coloured coconut and bought the flowers from the cake shop.

It took me a few hours to decorate! But was worth the effort.

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade 3D Sitting Cow Cake”

  1. This is an adorable cake and perfect for any age! My step-daughter is 19 yrs old and would love a cake like this.

  2. Hi Christine,

    My little girl is having her 2nd Birthday Party at a farm and your cake of a cow would fit perfectly. Whereabouts in Australia are you?? Do you take orders??

  3. what kind of paint did you use to color the black spots? Did you paint them first and then put them on or did you paint them while they were on the cake?

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