Cowboy Cake

This is the third cake I’ve done so I’m no master at it but it was a lot of fun making this cowboy cake. This cake was inspired for my son’s 2nd birthday party: a pony ride party at a horse farm! I had some ideas but checked the web and got some other cool ideas from people posting pics, so thanks to you if you think my cake resembles something you did.

I used butter cream icing, but cheated this time and got good results from Wilton’s box icing and saved a little time. This was my wife’s idea because last year she helped by making all the butter cream icing from scratch, she now hates powdered sugar! Also used Wilton’s fondant and just kneaded in the color.

Here are my tips:

#1: use no-taste red and make this icing the day before. The red seems to darken overnight whereas it looked light red while making it.

#2: to attach the fondant “spots” i lightly wet the back and then placed it to help it stick to the butter cream icing.

#3: i cut the fondant banner and let it dry on a cooling rack to get slightly stiff. then i put the cake pan on a dish towel and set the banner how i wanted it around the pan, the towel helped the banner not slide so it could dry more and take the shape i wanted around the cake.

#4: i made the rope from fondant and used it to make a platform for the horse/rider so it wouldn’t sink into the cake.

I disguised a “2” as a brown spot and also on the back of the cake in the bandanna design.

12 thoughts on “Cowboy Cake”

  1. I love your cake. I am doing a western theme for my son’s first birthday and I was trying to think of something simple to do for the big cake. I love the cow print. It looks awesome. If I had more time I would probably try to copy the bandana top too. Great job!

  2. I fell in love with this cake immediately. My son is turning one this month and we’re having a big family BBQ party with a cowboy theme – this would be the perfect finishing touch! I was planning on hiring a bakery to make his cake, but I’m inspired now to give this one a shot on my own (I may enlist my mother’s help!) Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Coolest western cake I have seen so far, wow love it!!! Got ideas for my daughter’s cowgirl b-day party. She’s turning 5 years old. Thanks!!

  4. Your cake is beautiful. I want to use this idea for my son’s 2nd Cowboy Birthday in July. Love the Idea.

    Where did you get the topper?

    I am having trouble finding items to put on the cake. I was going with a couple of bakeries but apparently cowboy is not a big theme these days and I have to purchase the items and bring them to them.

    Thanks in advance

  5. You have totally inspired me to do my own cake! While shopping for a cake for my son’s cowboy themed party, I have been greatly disappointed! I am going to try to do something like this! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I was able to locate the same topper at Toys R Us recently 6/2010 it is located with their Schleich Collection its a group of horses line you can also google Schleich cowboy w/lasso. It is adorable and went well with our theme. Good Luck. :)

  7. This cake Is amazing! We are having a western theme for my son’s first birthday and this cake would be perfect. I have never made a cake like this but you have inspired me to try! Thank you!

  8. Hi,
    I’m making this cake and was able to locate the topper, how were you able to make it stand straight up on the cake since the horse legs are not level? Did you stick it in the rope fondant on top??


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