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Awesome Homemade Crocodile Birthday Cake

I made this Crocodile Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday, as we had ‘Crocodile Encounters’ to entertain the children.

I made a sponge cake, cut out a hole for the pond, and filled it with two shades of blue fondant icing rolled together to get a marble effect, I then covered the cake in green fondant. I used marzipan to make the animals and then painted them with food colouring. I used cocktail sticks dyed green with food colouring and used brown fondant on the tops to make the bull rushes. I used dried prunes for the stone and a chocolate stick sweet for the log.

I was very unsure what to do with this cake, but one I got started I had to make myself stop before I added to much. everyone loved the cake and I must say it it the best I have ever done – so chuffed with myself.

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