Coolest Crown Cake Idea

I have just recently gotten into making cakes (since the beginning of August, to be exact). This Crown Cake Idea came to life when a friend of mine asked me if I’d make a birthday cake for his daughter’s 10th birthday, something princess-like. It just so happened that I had been wanting to try making a crown, a really REAL looking crown. As a girl growing up, I loved beautiful, sparkling crowns (such as the crown won by Miss America). So here was my chance to try making one with fondant.

First, I had to figure out how to get the shape I wanted for the crown. I used one of my cereal bowls. It was the perfect shape for this type of crown. I rolled out my fondant and placed it over the bowl (which was setting upside down). Then I simply carved the basic shape (four points of crown) out around the bottom of the bowl, and cut out the center circle of fondant that isn’t needed. After that I used one of my fondant tools to create a pattern I liked. I repeated that pattern all the way around the bowl, then I carved away the unnecessary fondant around my pattern. I wasn’t sure if this was gonna work, but after giving it about a week to dry, it turned out perfect. I then dusted it with pearl dust.

The crown rested on a pillow which was made out of rice krispies. I made two halves, one for the top and one for the bottom, two since the krispies flattened on bottom when letting them cool). I buttercreamed them together and iced the outside before covering with fondant. Then I took fondant and made a rope for the pillow trim. I placed pearl-dusted fondant pearls on the pillow as well.

The bottom cake was a two-layer eight-inch cake. I made the cake white and pink marble. The birthday girl’s initial is a “K” so I made that out of fondant and applied to the cake. I put a simple ribbon around the cake. Just enough to showcase the initial but not so much as to take away from the crown.

The presents on the side were just a little extra. I was extremely tired when finishing up this cake, so I made them simple. I just used my tools and gadgets to create a pattern on the presents and I made bows for them (the loops I made the day before, so they could dry).

This cake took awhile. I think that’s mostly because this is all new to me and I’m teaching myself along the way. However, I am okay with how it turned out, even though I know I will do the next one better but I must say I was so proud of how my crown turned out. I thought it looked pretty good for a first timer.

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