Coolest Princess Pillow Cake

I started off this Princess Pillow Cake by making 2-11×15 sheet cakes. I then carved off cake to make them into a square shape. I stacked and iced the square cake. I then colored some fondant blue and covered the cake with it.

I took the dull end of a butterknife and made the quilted pattern for the pillow. I then took some white fondant and rolled it into a round line to make the seam of the pillow. To make the tassles, I used a clay gun and pressed fondant through it. (I use my clay gun for nothing but fondant, I bought it for that purpose only). You can also roll the little tassles by hand if you don’t have a clay gun. I attached the tassles and the seams of the pillow with a little bit of water.

As for the pillow there you have it. You can buy a little crown or a wand at the store to place on top of the pillow or you can make some royal icing and pipe one yourself as I did. It’s up to you. You can also make round pillows the same way as you did with the square pillows, just bake round cakes. Stacking them is a cute idea as well. Happy baking.

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