My son wanted a Diego party for his 3rd birthday. I found the idea on the Nick Jr. website for the Diego Jungle Birthday Cake.

For the cake I baked three 8″ round cakes. I stacked two together and left the 3rd on it’s own and frosted them all green. For the palm trees, I used green candy melts (purchased at Michael’s) heated until melted in the microwave. I put the melted candy into a Ziploc bag and snipped the corner off then “drew” leaves onto wax paper and let them cool.

Then I took pretzel sticks and “glued” the leaves and candy bananas (Runts) onto the pretzels with more of the melted green candy. Once everything was cool I stuck the pretzels into the cake. I used extra leaves to make the bushes.

Diego is a candle purchased at a party store and “Baby Jaguar” was just a small plastic toy.