My 3 year old daughter loves dinosaurs. My friend actually did it all! This creation was a combination of marshmallow fondant, gum paste, rice krispie treats, butter cream and lots of time.

The bottom layer was 3 12″ rounds (chocolate with a cream cheese, cool whip and sugar filling), and hand crafted dinosaur busts made from gum paste. One being a T-Rex, the others were 2 different brachiosaurus’. The 2nd layer was 2 8″ rounds covered in dyed marshmallow fondant (brownish, tan) to replicate clay. The dinosaur foot prints were actually made from a toy dinosaur. The top was a rice krispie treat molded into a volcano, covered in brown marshmallow fondant and decorated with Lava made from cake decorating gel. The top also adorned a Triceratops where the 3 horns were used as the candles.

The palm tree was molded from rice krispie treats and covered with fondant and decorated with gum paste. The grasses and rocks were also gum paste, butter cream and fondant.