I made this Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea for my son’s third birthday. It’s made from two 24cm round cakes (they were quite high too). I made them from scratch (not packet cakes) because I was worried about the icing and crumbs. One cake was cut in half from the top to the base then the bottoms were glued together with icing to make the main body shape.

The head, tail and feet were cut from the second cake and then stuck to the body with skewers and icing. I used butter icing to crumb coat it, then put it in the freezer for a while. Then I iced it with a second batch of bright green butter icing. As the icing started to set a bit, I used a palette knife dipped in a glass of hot water (then wiped on a tea towel) to smooth the icing.

Mini Toblerone made perfect spikes for the back and tail, marshmallow eyes with M&M’s and M&M’s for claws. We made small, scale model practice cake out of playdough first to get the different shapes right for the full size paper template.

It looked great and the icing was easy.