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Cool Homemade Dinosaur Cake for Museum Birthday Party

My son’s 4th birthday was held at the Museum, where we go every couple of months to view the dinosaur exhibits. I organized a guided tour of the dinosaur exhibits throughout the museum for a small donation of $50 (my choice to pay) and the kids were given dinosaur tails to wear and were given balloons as well.

I designed dinosaur invites and had them printed at my local printer (who does my husband’s business cards) which made them look very professional. The cake was a couple of round red velvet cakes, with green butter icing and fondant spikes painted red and orange to resemble a stegosaurus.

The spikes were shaped into diamond, with the bottom corner cut off and kebab sticks inserted before they dried. When the cake was cut it looked like flesh (kind of gross but lots of oohs and aahs from the kids).

My son loved the cake and had a great day. Goody bags were green cardboard boxes which had dinosaur lollies, stickers, miniature plastic dinosaurs and balloons.



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