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Cool Homemade Dinosaur Theme Cake Idea

I made this Dinosaur Theme Cake Idea for a co-worker’s son for his birthday. I took a 9 x 13 Wilton pan and coated it with Wilton Cake Release. This is the best for keeping cakes from sticking. I used half white and half chocolate cake batter. The cake was baked at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes.

Taking the cake out of the pan to cool was very easy thanks to the Cake Release. I let the cake cool in the pan on a rack for 10 minutes then took it out of the pan to cool on the cooling rack. For the icing I used homemade buttercream icing tinted with green color paste. I used plastic dinosaurs to decorate the cake. I took a small round glass dish and pressed the leftover cake I had from trimming the top, and used that for the volcano.

I used thinned icing tinted with red for the ‘lava’ effect. I used Wilton tip 233 to make the grass and to border the bottom. This was a very fun cake to make and the birthday boy enjoyed it too.

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