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Coolest Disco Birthday Cake

My daughter was having a disco party, and after ordering a piñata from the USA in the shape of a disco man, I was inspired to create a fondant figurine in his likeness. I then searched the internet for disco themed cakes and came up with three cakes I liked. I combined the ideas of these three cakes and came up with my finished Disco Birthday Cake. I love Paris Cutler’s “Planet Cake” book so I learnt much of the basics of fondant decorating from her (I’ve read the book cover to cover). I also watched a few tutorials on the internet for other tips.

The bottom square layer is a chocolate mud cake and the round top layer is white mud. Both have been split into three levels, brushed with apricot jam and filled with a thin layer of chocolate ganache (I should have used white chocolate ganache for the white mud but was running short of time. Each cake was finished with chocolate ganache and “hot knifed” to make a smooth surface (all these techniques are in the Planet Cake book). I asked my local cake supplies store for some tips and found they make black fondant icing, which was perfect for the bottom square cake.

The entire process was about 3 days as I have three young children and have to manage my time around them, but it was finished on the eve of her party, and she loved it!

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