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Coolest Dog and Bone Cake

My son asked me for his 6th Birthday to make a cake to look like our dog Penny. So this dog and bone cake is what I came up with (she’s a Shit-zu).

For the body I used regular cake piled up then I carved it to be a body. I used Twinkies for the paws. The head is a ball of rice krispy treats then frosted with a grass tip. I used a flattened airhead then rounded it for the tongue. I used google eyes from a stuffed animal. For the tail I used aluminum foil so it would curve right.

The bone is cake I shaped into a bone. The dog house is made out of rice krispies and Graham crackers. I used Scooby snacks for the mini bones and crushed Oreos for the dirt. Green dyed coconut for the grass.

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