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Sweet Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

My first attempt making a 3-D dog birthday cake. Surfed the internet for ideas on how to make a doggy cake, and this is how the cake looked like.

Shane loves chocolate cake and he loves animals, so I baked a big batch of chocolate cakes, used a 6″ inch heart shaped pan for the dog’s “face”, 2 loaf pans 5″ x7″ cut into 4 equal sized pieces, later cut and made them roundish, for the paws, a 13″ x 9″ for the dog’s body, some pieces of cut out cake, used one for the tail.

I used fondant for the dog’s snout/nose, tongue and eyes. Iced with buttercream, used different shades of brown colors for the dog’s “fur”.

Off pink/white fondant, cut and shaped like a dog bone, used buttercream icings for the birthday greeting.

Somehow, to me, the cake looked more like a fuzzy brown bear laying on its belly with its 4 paws sticking out, or looked like a brown dog? Shane seemed to think its a fuzzy brown dog, not a fuzzy brown bear.

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  1. I have been doing cakes for almost 20 years and I think this is a great job. I think it looks like my Pekingese when they lay down to sleep. Again
    Great JOB.


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