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Coolest Edible Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

This edible diaper cake was made for my nephew and his wife’s baby shower. It was fun to make not to mention easy as well!

I made 3 cakes, 12″, 9″ and 6 ”  round. Using rolled fondant , colored  pink, mint green and lavender.  I rolled out squares of about 4×6 ‘, using Wilton impression roller to make scroll design. Rolled them up  to resemble receiving blankets and placed them around the stacked tiers (covered in butter cream frosting). I then wrapped ribbon, with hot glued pacifiers, rattles, safety pins and baby bracelets around each tier of cake, made a bow out of ribbon, glued to the ribbon already wrapped around the cake.

Using a 3D felt shaped heart glued it to the middle of the bow. Then I glued the pink blocks together by the corners to make a half moon shape. Placing a stuffed animal on top of the 6″ round ( cut a piece of clear plastic, about 4″ and place on top of tier to protect the stuffed animal from getting frosting on it) placing the blocks in front with the stuffed animals paws on top of the blocks. I lightly glued the animals paws to the block for stability.

The reviews where excellent, everyone loved the cake !

Pink, mint green and lavender fondant 4×6″  I made about  40 or so of each.

Using party favors for the pins, rattles and pacifiers.

Hot glue gun.

Pink Ribbon.

Butter cream frosting



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