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Coolest Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Cake

Ingredients: 80 pampers

1 Pooh snuggle toy

1 Tigger

2 pacifiers

1 rattle toy

3 teethers

1 pack of 5 onesies

rubber bands



I did a lot of research on how I wanted to do my Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Cake for my daughter. I don’t like the rolled ones because I heard they can mess up the diapers and I wanted them to be usable when I got done. I bought a pizza pan for my base for added gift and stability.

I wrapped pan with left over wedding isle runner from my daughter’s wedding and hot glued it together (but not onto the pan). Then I used the tube from runner (it is as big as paper towel roll but stiffer) and cut it to 16 1/2 inches and hot glued to pan, that made a perfect 4 tier cake with size 1 Pampers.

I then started placing diapers on pan and curving as I went with design towards middle until I had 36 around and secured with rubber band, then used last 4 to fill in middle. I did 2nd and 3rd tier the same just making smaller circles each time. With top layer I rolled 5 diapers around tube and secured with rubber band, I used 80 diapers total.

I placed wide Pooh ribbon around each layer and taped with clear tape. I put Pooh snuggle toy on top, secured with rubber band and then wrapped with coordinating colored ribbon and attached Binky with ribbon. I used rubber bands wrapped around Tiggers head and arms and tied them to rubber band around diapers. I folded onsies and used pipe cleaner to make butterflies and used straight pins to secure. Then added toys with rubber bands, tape and ribbon (some decorations on back).

This is my first cake and I think next time I will get less “decorations” to make it less “busy”, but it was very fun!

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  1. The first diaper cake is the test. I just completed my first cake today. It’s lots of fun and I can’t wait to make more! =)


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