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Cool Homemade 2D Carved Electric Guitar Cake

I used two baking sheets to bake two rectangular chocolate cakes for this Electric Guitar Cake. One for the guitar neck and one for the body. I then let them cool and cut out the shape of the guitar with a serrated knife.

Then I used pre-made icing and food coloring to make the colors of the body and neck. I covered the cake with icing making sure to keep clean lines around the cake. Next I used white and milk chocolate bars to make the pickups along with white and black gel icing to make screws. I used a chocolate bar wrapped in its original foil to make the metal bar hardware that the strings attach to.

I used Rollos for the knobs and upside down white chocolate chips for the fret markers and pressed them into the cake to make them smooth. I used dental floss for the strings and attached them to the chocolate bar covered in aluminum foil by making 6 slits in the bar with a knife and stringing the strings to it. I individually wrapped toothpicks in aluminum foil for the frets and placed them down the neck.

Lastly, I carefully stuck toothpicks into white chocolate chips (don’t be surprised if they break, just keep trying and DO NOT put it all the way in, just enough to hold it steady). I then carefully tied the floss strings to each toothpick/chocolate chip knob and wound it til is was tight then carefully stuck it in the cake. I used 6 more white chocolate chips with toothpicks in them to make the tuning knobs.

Lastly I used yellow gel icing to personalize the cake at the head. I made this cake for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday as a replica of his Paul Reed Smith guitar.

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