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Cool Homemade Fairy Garden Cake

This fairy garden cake was made for my granddaughter’s 11th birthday. The cake  is an oval two-layer lemon cake, sandwiched and covered with pale green butter cream frosting. At one end, a mirror “pond” is surrounded by flowers holding colored candles, and scattered with tiny edible silver stars. The candle flames are colored too. One candle is a star–a tip of the hat to Starrla’s name.

A flower fairy stands at the other end, with tall flowers in tiny flowerpots, and the garden is filled with little silk flowers, and enclosed by a rope of small teal-colored pearls. Although the fairy stands quite nicely on a flat surface, she did not want to stay vertical on the frosted cake, but showed a regrettable tendency to roll in the flower bed! So I propped her up with a toothpick, and that worked very well.

Finally, I piled leaves and flowers round the base of the cake (Starrla loves the silver footed cake plate, but it’s showing its age, and the flowers hid that). Starrla was delighted with her cake, and I was pleased with it too.

Coolest Fairy Garden Cake

Coolest Fairy Garden Cake

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